Proud to announce 'Coaching The Shift'


The last nine years we met many well-intentioned, very hard-working people and teams, focusing on small parts of large, complex problems, battling for power and resources. We saw talented people who had trouble collaborating effectively and who were undermining their performance.


However, we believe that the world is shifting towards more collaboration, empathy and compassion, allowing all stakeholders to thrive. We want to contribute to this shift by fostering trust, creating open dialogue and enhancing effective collaboration, thus resulting in stronger relationships and sustainable performances. That is why we joined forces and booted ‘Coaching The Shift’.

Coaching The Shift guides innovative organizations who are challenged by ineffective collaboration or a lack of trust. Our (team)coaching/training reveals how everyone contributes to this reality. Together we discover how to think and act to create a shift towards organizational health.

If you would like to find out more about what we do and how we can co-create your organizations desired shift, contact me by mail: or by phone: +32 488 88 08 24.

Let’s co-create a shift in the room, not just insights and good intentions!

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